The Weekly Draft.

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I’m a scientist & wannabe triathlete. My research interests include the role of nutrition in the treatment of mental health & exploring a multi-dimensional approach to human performance.

I spend my free time training, travelling when I can, reading research papers, articles & books. Each week I curate ‘The Weekly Draft’ using Niice - It’s a combination of studies, tools, stories & ideas. Subscribe to see what I’m sharing.

Notable Work.



LUHA° is a human performance institute. We combine science & technology to help organisations develop robust approaches to securing their people capability now & for the future. 

Our multi-disciplinary approach starts & ends with the core components needed to enhance human health & performance. Performance psychology, nutrition, mental health, physiology & neuroscience.


A company I started at 18 years of age. I created a digital platform that used machine learning technology & automation to design a highly customised nutrition & lifestyle plan. The platform traded in over 30 different countries. After seven years I decided to sell the technology & move on to new ventures. It was an idea that was right for its time & a venture I'm proud of started with.

Science Chat.


A hobby project. An occasional podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of nutrition, psychology, physiology & neuroscience. The internet is saturated with information but starved of knowledge. Social media influencers & media outlets promoting ideologies to drive traffic & a quick buck. It’s an unaccountable mess. diet.fm is my way of using my small corner of the internet as a platform for evidence based discussion.